Unsolicited Recommendation Without Reservation For New Home Builder

To Whom It May Concern:

We built our home in Southborough, Massachusetts. It was the first time we had built a new house and we approached the project with a mixture of excitement and dread over all the unknowns – the fun in choosing all the ingredients that go into a new home – and all of the possible things that could go wrong or disappoint.

Peter Karassik of Eligius Homes Company Inc. of Sudbury, Massachusetts was the builder we selected at the recommendation of our realtor, and after our reference checking (and triple bidding) had tipped the decision in his favor.

We have never had reason to regret our choice.

Peter worked with us every step of the way and was willing to accommodate our particular style of decision making, whether it was micro-managing or late-night meetings. He was able to make constructive suggestions, even when our tastes ran outside conventional lines. Above all, his contractors were terrific, appearing when scheduled and doing generally first rate work, which we consider a testimonial to Peter’s ability to choose the right partners.

Net result: We were able to move in on our aggressive schedule, with everything in working order and looking good.

However, in the year that has elapsed, little things have come up, as they always do, that required follow-up action on Peter’s part. He has been responsive and cordial throughout, making sure that things were taken care of.

Without knowing who will read this letter, we give this unsolicited recommendation to Peter without reservation. We hope you are as happy with your new home as we are with ours.

Kenneth Kahn
Joanne Kalp

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