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Eligius Homes is a Model of How a Renovation/Remodeling Company Should Operate!

“We trust Eligius Homes Company on literally all of our renovation and remodeling work. They listen to the Homeowner and help figure out the best and most cost-effective way to meet your needs. They are remarkably responsive and most importantly they perform excellent work. Eligius Homes company stands by everything it does – if you have a question after the work is done, they will come back to check on things. Eligius Homes company is a model of how a renovation and remodeling company should operate. We feel very fortunate to be a client”. John and Eileen Sivolella

Wellesley, MA

Unsolicited Recommendation Without Reservation For New Home Builder

We built our home in Southborough, Massachusetts. It was the first time we had built a new house and we approached the project with a mixture of excitement and dread over all the unknowns – the fun in choosing all the ingredients that go into a new home – and all of the possible things that could go wrong or disappoint.

Peter Karassik of Eligius Homes Company Inc. of Sudbury, Massachusetts was the builder we selected at the recommendation of our realtor, and after our reference checking (and triple bidding) had tipped the decision in his favor.

We have never had reason to regret our choice.

Peter worked with us every step of the way and was willing to accommodate our particular style of decision making, whether it was micro-managing or late-night meetings. He was able to make constructive suggestions, even when our tastes ran outside conventional lines. Above all, his contractors were terrific, appearing when scheduled and doing generally first rate work, which we consider a testimonial to Peter’s ability to choose the right partners.

Net result: We were able to move in on our aggressive schedule, with everything in working order and looking good.

However, in the year that has elapsed, little things have come up, as they always do, that required follow-up action on Peter’s part. He has been responsive and cordial throughout, making sure that things were taken care of.

Without knowing who will read this letter, we give this unsolicited recommendation to Peter without reservation. We hope you are as happy with your new home as we are with ours. Kenneth Kahn & Joanne Kalp

Personable Home Builders With Extraordinary Dedication, Enthusiasm And Patience

Now that my home is built, moved into, and paid for, I thought this would be a good occasion to drop you a note to express my tremendous thanks and appreciation for the outstanding job that you, your company, and your team did throughout the project. As you know, I am extremely pleased with the finished product. I hope you are as well. In a very real sense, however, I think that as much as I love my house I have taken even greater enjoyment from the process of bringing the house to completion, because it was so much fun working with such dedicated and personable group of professionals.

In particular, I wanted to take this opportunity to compliment and commend the efforts of John MacKoul and Linda Wood. Not only did they do a great job throughout the project in delivering on whatever needed to be done, but they invariably approached any request or suggestion or question that I had with a positive attitude and a friendly demeanor that made each of them a pleasure to work with and an excellent representative of your company. I am also grateful to both of them for the patience they showed throughout the job in putting up with my incessant, and usually stupid, questions and observations as things came up.

I also want to say what a pleasure it was for me to get to know you and have the opportunity of working with you. Even before we met, I had seen a number of houses that you had built or were building in the Concord area and had come to admire your work very much. Beginning on the day we met, however, I came to admire even more the simply extraordinary dedication, enthusiasm, and patience you bring to your work and offer to your clients. From the outset of the project and continuing months after the closing and indeed right up until the morning of the open house we had two Sundays ago, you consistently dealt efficiently, effectively, and enthusiastically with any and every concern that I raised, no matter how trivial on the one hand or how major on the other hand. Indeed, on many occasions you surfaced issues that I would never have recognized and dealt with issues that I had never even raised. The can-do attitude and service-oriented philosophy that you brought to this project made the experience tremendously enjoyable and also extremely educational. I myself am in a service business and I take great pride in the dedication that my firm in general and I in particular bring to our clients’ matters. I would be very pleased and very proud if my firm and I could meet the same standard of professionalism and service in working for our clients as you and your firm met in working with me.

Peter, thank you again for all of your efforts. If in the future any of your other customers are looking for a reference regarding you or your company, please feel free to give them a copy of this letter, to have them contact me directly, or to have them visit my house to see your work first hand. I hope very much that we will get to work together again in the future. In the meantime, best wishes to you, your family, John, Linda, and the rest of your excellent team for the holiday season and the new year. Douglas H. Meal

13,000 SF Home Built in 1929 Brought Back To Its Old Splendor

To Prospective Eligius Homes Clients,
Having run a business myself for over 40 years, the admirable performance we experienced over the two years time working with Peter and the Eligius Homes’ Team, in the renovation of my home, would have been greatly inappropriate and deeply wrong of me not to acknowledge Laura’s and my satisfaction and happiness with the outstanding quality work we received.

Given the complexity of such a large house of over 13,000 SF built in 1929, and my unwavering goal to bring it back to its old splendor following a number of unfortunate changes through the years, much time was spent on the onset, agonizing over the selection of which company to entrust the renovation work of our jewel. I can happily tell you now, the decision to choose the Eligius Homes Company must rank among one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in my business life.

Eligius Homes’ performance has been stellar on all counts. Though there really wasn’t any need for it, as his crew knew quite well what to do at all times, Peter’s one or two daily visits to the worksite were my assurance that all was being done as planned. Peter’s extraordinary concern to keep the job on schedule, priceless assistance in evaluating potential changes and time impacts on the job, were done with expertise.

We have now lived in the house for about a year and have had plenty of local and foreign visitors, family and friends. Everyone who has been here was in awe looking at all the details and quality of the workmanship throughout the house. No doubt, this is true testimony to the uncommon capabilities of the Eligius Homes crew.

I grew up in Italy, a country well known for its ability to design and create what the world considers beautiful. In reflecting for the last few months over what has been achieved on this job, I feel quite comfortable in stating that some of your senior craftsmen are equal to, if not better than, the old maestros in Italy.

In closing, let me just end with a sincere THANK YOU, to you and the Eligius Homes Company Team. Not only has it been a most pleasant experience working with you and your team, but more importantly, we couldn’t be happier with the end results. Ven and Laura

Professional Subcontractors Committed To Excellence

“We began planning our dream home with Peter and his architect in early 2007. From the very beginning we had the feeling that the project was going to be a huge success. Each successive planning meeting with Peter found us outlining every detail we wanted both inside and outside the house. Nothing we asked for was impossible. Gradually our dream home took shape. The finished product went beyond all our expectations. The quality is the best we have ever seen. The phrase “under promise and over deliver” would certainly apply here. We have built 4 homes and can say without a doubt that this experience was stress free and we got exactly what we want. Everyone of Eligius Homes employees and subcontractors were professional and committed to excellence. We highly recommend Eligius Homes to be your builder and would make our home available at any time for prospective buyers to see first hand what quality Eligius quality really means.” Joe & Maureen

Continued Commitment To Quality Customer Service

Dear Peter and Crew,
We want to send this letter in gratitude for how great it was working with you. Peter’s enthusiasm for building family homes and can-do attitude was present from the day we met and continued throughout the entire project. The sub-contractors were all professional, courteous, and wonderful to work with. I can’t remember the issues and problems we had now, but I do remember that every single time we did have a question or a problem, whether it was about construction or costs, our concerns were responded to immediately and our questions were satisfied.

To this day, if there are issues with our home (infrequent), we are still responded to immediately. Our home is very sound and well-built, and we would not hesitate to recommend your company as home builders! Kristin and Jim Canty

Concord, MA

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