Personable Home Builders With Extraordinary Dedication, Enthusiasm And Patience

Dear Peter:

Now that my home is built, moved into, and paid for, I thought this would be a good occasion to drop you a note to express my tremendous thanks and appreciation for the outstanding job that you, your company, and your team did throughout the project. As you know, I am extremely pleased with the finished product. I hope you are as well. In a very real sense, however, I think that as much as I love my house I have taken even greater enjoyment from the process of bringing the house to completion, because it was so much fun working with such dedicated and personable group of professionals.

In particular, I wanted to take this opportunity to compliment and commend the efforts of John MacKoul and Linda Wood. Not only did they do a great job throughout the project in delivering on whatever needed to be done, but they invariably approached any request or suggestion or question that I had with a positive attitude and a friendly demeanor that made each of them a pleasure to work with and an excellent representative of your company. I am also grateful to both of them for the patience they showed throughout the job in putting up with my incessant, and usually stupid, questions and observations as things came up.

I also want to say what a pleasure it was for me to get to know you and have the opportunity of working with you. Even before we met, I had seen a number of houses that you had built or were building in the Concord area and had come to admire your work very much. Beginning on the day we met, however, I came to admire even more the simply extraordinary dedication, enthusiasm, and patience you bring to your work and offer to your clients. From the outset of the project and continuing months after the closing and indeed right up until the morning of the open house we had two Sundays ago, you consistently dealt efficiently, effectively, and enthusiastically with any and every concern that I raised, no matter how trivial on the one hand or how major on the other hand. Indeed, on many occasions you surfaced issues that I would never have recognized and dealt with issues that I had never even raised. The can-do attitude and service-oriented philosophy that you brought to this project made the experience tremendously enjoyable and also extremely educational. I myself am in a service business and I take great pride in the dedication that my firm in general and I in particular bring to our clients’ matters. I would be very pleased and very proud if my firm and I could meet the same standard of professionalism and service in working for our clients as you and your firm met in working with me.

Peter, thank you again for all of your efforts. If in the future any of your other customers are looking for a reference regarding you or your company, please feel free to give them a copy of this letter, to have them contact me directly, or to have them visit my house to see your work first hand. I hope very much that we will get to work together again in the future. In the meantime, best wishes to you, your family, John, Linda, and the rest of your excellent team for the holiday season and the new year.

Very truly yours,
Douglas H. Meal

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