13,000 SF Home Built in 1929 Brought Back To Its Old Splendor

To Prospective Eligius Homes Clients

Having run a business myself for over 40 years, the admirable performance we experienced over the two years time working with Peter and the Eligius Homes’  Team,  in the renovation of my home, would have been greatly inappropriate and deeply wrong of me not to acknowledge Laura’s and my satisfaction and happiness with the outstanding quality work we received.

Given the complexity of such a large house of over 13,000 SF built in 1929, and my unwavering goal to bring it back to its old splendor following a number of unfortunate changes through the years, much time was spent on the onset, agonizing over the selection of which company to entrust the renovation work of our jewel.  I can happily tell you now, the decision to choose the Eligius Homes Company must rank among one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in my business life.

Eligius Homes’ performance has been stellar on all counts. Though there really wasn’t any need for it,  as his crew knew quite well what to do at all times,  Peter’s one or two daily visits to the worksite were my assurance that all was being done as planned.  Peter’s extraordinary concern to keep the job on schedule, priceless assistance in  evaluating potential changes and time impacts on the job, were done with expertise.

We have now lived in the house for about a year and have had plenty of local and foreign visitors, family and friends. Everyone who has been here was in awe looking at all the details and quality of the workmanship throughout the house.  No doubt, this is true testimony to the uncommon capabilities of the Eligius Homes crew.

I grew up in Italy, a country well known for its ability to design and create what the world considers beautiful.  In reflecting for the last few months over what has been achieved on this job, I feel quite comfortable in stating that some of your senior craftsmen are equal to, if not better than, the old maestros in Italy.

In closing, let me just end with a sincere THANK YOU, to you and the Eligius Homes Company Team. Not only has it been a most pleasant experience working with you and your team, but more importantly, we couldn’t be happier with the end results.


Best Regards,
Ven and Laura

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